Meet Kimyatta

Fashion has always been her passion. Even going back to her earlier years in kindergarten where she received awards of most colorfully and creative dresser. This followed her into her adulthood as she often found herself giving consultations and style advice to friends and peers as a hobby.

She's a business woman in the global logistics industry. Managing business development for over a decade she believes a huge part of delivering a presentation is your appearance. When I'm looking my best, I'll be even more equipped to give my best in every aspect of life. That's this southern belle's motto and she's been living up to her legend.

The pandemic, which was a challenging time for many changed her outlook on life. Loosing close loved ones in the last few years she was reminded just how precious life is and while we don't know what tomorrow holds we can control how much attention we give to those things we love. She decided it's time to give more attention to her hobby's. Consequently she birthed, Class Label.

She stands by a simple mission exemplifying the essence of class and confidence in every piece of clothing. A true southern girl with big dreams. She's excited to now share her style expertise with the world. By Gods grace and unseen faith she's looking forward to the growth ahead.